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the disappearing ink...

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So I am editing my novel (still) from last year, and I have come to a place where I need a little bit of interaction between two characters who are just getting to know one another.  The set up is this:

Setting:  teenage boy's bedroom
Other details:  three male characters are present.  the main character is good friends with one of them, but neither of them know the third person too well.
Action: the main character takes something out of a hidden place in his bedside drawer.
Quandry:  what is it?

It CANNOT be:  cigarettes, weed, or other drug paraphanalia, or something so personal he would not take it out while his friends are around (ie. a diary or personal letter).
It CAN be:  something which has bragging rights attached

So, what should it be?

I am open to random suggestions here!
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6. Pontiac Sunfire


The Sunfire managed the rare feat of having a worse interior than its GM twin, the Chevy Cavalier. Cheap interior plastics run amok, a coarse four-cylinder engine and horrendous crash-test ratings sealed its fate. On the flip side, the Sunburn was probably responsible for untold thousands of rental-car upgrades: "Honey, remember Fort Lauderdale last summer? Trust me, we want the Grand Am."

Yeah, I had this car, the 1998 edition.  I can't say much about the interior (seemed fine to me) but I did spend as much on repairs as I did on the car (5 grand total for a 5 year old used car).
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...today I dreamt that my cat was possessed and the Vatican sent out a team of experts to study him.  They were trying to infiltrate the neighborhood, but it was kind of hard when they were wearing those hats and robes.  There was also the part where Monkey spoke in tongues and, through all of this, I was not the least bit troubled.  Or surprised.
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I have always held to the belief that, even if you were not celebrating or otherwise partaking in appropriate culture or rituals, the meaning and message of a widely celebrated and cherished holiday or event was still capable of affecting your thoughts and actions for a period of time.  This is especially true when you are at least concious of the thing and are willing to take those energies and direct them in fruitful ways.

Today, as at least a good portion of my friendslist probably know, is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  The overwhelming theme that characterizes the beautiful rituals, prayers, and wonderful food of this day is that all sins are cast away.  This is, after all, a new year.  And personally I find that fall, rather than the dead of winter, is a much better time to be making plans for the future and reflecting on the past.

First off, I have been spending a good amount of time on my writing projects.  I am really not where I want to be, but I should be ready by November to begin something new.  This means being ready to circulate a novel to willing friends who won't disown me because it's terribly trashy, and actually getting feedback on my thesis so I can enter a final editing phase. 

We've moved and this is a good thing.  It will save us both money in the long run.  We love the new neighborhood and having a larger place has a great many benefits, as does living near a half dozen coffee shops. The other evening while I was out, I met a woman who teaches math and science at my old middle school in Elgin.  Totally a coincidence.  We talked quite a bit as I helped her partner get in touch with a local cat shelter that rents traps.  Hope they managed to collect their missing kitty!  Sidenote:  Kopi is still my favorite place, but Coffee Studio has Intelligencia Coffee and wi-fi. 

We have a mum and some basil on the front porch, but I am definately hoping to add more green to my life over the next year.  This will sadly start with herbs in the window, as the season permits, but I am already begining discussions with my sister about replacing greenery in the front.  I am sure there will be Marigolds.

My car is in almost top shape.  The brakes that have been bad for awhile finally got so bad they needed fixing and at the same time the battery blew a cell and started pulling on the other systems of the car.  All of these things have now been fixed.  I also have a headlight in my car that needs installing.  I will have to take the time to whip out instructions and do it myself.  $10 vs the $35 it would cost in labor makes more sense to me.

Tonight, R and I are going to see Dreamtime Tribe at Lifeforce.  I am not sure if it will be terrible (it could be) or at least too New-agey for my tastes, but I do find it at the very least apropos activity.  And yes, there will be apples and honey on the menu tonight.  And probably some leftover South Indian lentil soup from the wine event I worked last night.
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We moved to Andersonville, on the city's North side.   It's nice to have a bigger place.  There is an office for R., a nook for my desk, a bedroom that fits our bed, a place out of the way for the kitty box.  I won't tell you the negatives, because I would rather complain about other things like:

My car.  As in, brakes almost gone.  I also need a new battery before winter.  All this is routine except when you don't have money to pay for the routine.

Oh, and then I have a giant gash on my toe that should probably have stitches.  No insurance+bleeding stopped=no medical attention for me.  If I get gangrene, I think I will take photos and show them to every person who thinks socialized medicine is a completely crazy idea.

I think I will limp off to do some more chores now...

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I might just go out and buy cigarettes, just to collect them all:


I guess it's pretty common elsewhere to put these images on packs- but just check and see how much of the package will be required to be covered in the US.

...buh-bye Joe Camel.  It was nice knowin' ya.  Helllllllooooooooooooooo horror movie!
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We have an apartment.  In Andersonville.  Barring any bizarre circumstances, we drop the signed lease and check off tomorrow in the AM and we will be moving into it on Saturday morning.  This is a good thing, seeing as our lease is up at 10AM this coming Monday.  In this regard, I bring you to this link which, while entertaining, does not quite reflect what we have seen. 

For those who have been looking at homes, apartments, or just need a good laugh:


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In addition to hanging out with shimmerngspirit , going swimming, and enjoying some coffee and yoga, I also whipped the rest of these up and served them as the dessert portion of our dinner yesterday evening.  There was also garden-grown kale (tops spinich in my book), cooked by K herself, the cheap but excellent Vin Koru Sav Blanc from Trader Joe's - much recommended, and R's fablous main course of marinated pork.  Yay!

Fried Banana Wontons with Honey  (and ice cream)

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By any chance, is anyone interested in a Chocolate Party??  I am not sure if there is anyone around here doing these, but I think it would be nifty!

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